Amazon Deforestation Exam Question

Describe the effects of deforestation on an area of rainforest you have studied (8 marks)

You should:

1.Name an example of a rainforest
2. Describe social&political, economic and environmental effects
3. Answer the question on A4 lined paper - write the question

Mark Scheme

Level 1 Basic (1-4 marks)

Simple statements, perhaps list like at lower end.
Describes effects of deforestation – in a random way.
Information is general.

Trees will disappear and soil will be washed away. The trees will be sold so people will make money. Local people may have to get off their land. Floods may increase.

Level 2 Clear (5-6 marks)

Develops statements Organised description of effects Some reference is made to the case study.

The environment will be affected. 140000 hectares of forest are cut down each year in Malaysia. This means that there are fewer trees and the variety of trees will fall with so many being cut. Soil will be washed away. But for some chopping trees down is a good thing as they make money from the tin mines in Malaysia.

Level 3 Detailed (7-8 marks)

Fully developed statements. Purposeful description of a variety of effects. Specific, detailed reference is made to the case study.

140000 hectares of forest are cut down each year in Malaysia. This means that biodiversity will be less. The loss of the protective cover will increase soil erosion. The loss of certain species may mean the potential for development of cures for Aides will be lost. People lose their homes due to deforestation. In Malaysia 9000 Kenyah people have been forced to leave because a dam is being built for hep for the industrial area of Malaysia. This benefits that area, but is a disadvantage for the locals. Locals protested against a logging company in Sarowak and were put in prison.