Fetch: the distance of open water over which the wind can blowBeach: a deposit of sand or shingle at the coast, often found at the head of a bayCrest: the top of a waveSwash: the forward movement of a wave up a beachBackwash: the backward movement of water down a beach when a wave has brokenConstructive wave: a powerful wave with a strong swash that surges up a beachDestructive wave: a wave formed by a local storm that crashes down onto a beach and has a powerful backwashRockfall: the collapse of a clff face or the fall of individual rocks from a cliffHydraulic power: the sheer power of the wavesCorrasion: the effect of rocks being flung at the cliff by powerful wavesSolution: the dissolving of rocks, such as limestone and chalkAttrition: the knocking together of pebbles, making them gradually smaller and smootherTraction: heavy particles rolled along the seabedSolution: the transport of dissolved chemicalsSaltation: a hopping movement of pebbles along the seabedSuspension: lighter particles carried (suspended) within the waterLongshore drift: the transport of sediment along a stretch of coastline caused by waves appraoching the beach at an angleHeadland: a promontory of land jutting out into the seaBay: a board coastal inlet often with a beachWave-cut platform: a wide, gently sloping rocky surface at the foot of a cliffCave: a hollowed-out feature at the base of an eroding cliffArch: a headland that has been partly broken through by the sea to form a thin-roofed archStack: an isolated pinnacle of rock sticking out of the seaSpit: a finger of new land made of sand or shinglem jutting out into the sea from the coastSalt marsh: low-lying coastal wetland mostly extending between high and low tideBar: a spit that has grown across a bayShoreline Managment Plan: an integrated coastal managment plan for a stretch of coaslting in England and WalesHard engineering: building artificial structures such as sea walls aimed at controlling natural processesSoft enegineering: a sustainable approach to managing the coast without using artificial structuresManaged retreat: allowing controlled flooding of low-lying coastal areas or cliff collapse in areas where the value of the land is lowPioneer plant: the first plant psecies to colonise an area that is well adapted to living in a harsh environmentVegetation succession: a sequence of vegetation species colonising an environment