There are a huge variety of careers out there in the big wide world where you can use GCSE Geography and the skills you will develop!
The website link is brilliant. It shows you a whole range of jobs in Geography. Look out for the job cards giving a case study of a real person using geography in the real world!
The UBER jobs page!!

Environment and Sustainability - Greenpeace, Conservation worker, Architect
Physical systems - Weather forecaster and presenter, Earth Scientist, Coastal Engineer
Society - Social worker, Marketing, teacher, university lecturer
The Business world - Banker, Accountant, Lawyer, Insurance
Geographical techniques - Aerial surveyor, Military GIS Specialist, Aerial Surveryor
Development and Global Issues - Diplomat, Aid worker, Armed forces
Settlement - Estate agent, town planner, Surveyor
Travel, Tourism, Leisure and Culture - Travel agent, TV researcher, Holiday Representative

Use the website links and explore to find out more information - you could even become a teacher!